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KKC Kart Components, The Compkart & Ireland Importers are proud to confirm, with immediate effect, the collaboration between themselves and Mark Litchfield of MLR Racing Team.

After winning the Junior X30 World Championship in 2015 with their partner team – BN Racing, Vital Motorsport & their parent company KKC Kart Components introduced the iconic Compkart brand to the UK market in January 2016.

Compkart UK has been incredibly successful, winning races across the UK and Ireland. Along with being positioned Vice European Junior X30 Champions. 2016 would also see The Vital Motorsport Race Team successfully achieve the ultimate goal of winning the Senior X30 World Championship title.

As of immediate effect, we are now proud to announce a collaboration with Mark Litchfield of MLR (Mark Litchfield Racing) who have been positioned as Compkart's new UK factory race team. This provides a great opportunity for current and prospective drivers to be taught, trained & ultimately run by one of the UK’s most successful drivers, having won multiple British & European Championships.

Vital Motorsport would like to thank all their drivers, parents & Supporters for their continued support, not only supporting the team but also the Compkart Brand. KKC and Vital Motorsport, now look forward to their future collaboration with Mark Litchfield and are confident that this partnership will form and bolster fantastic results for not only the drivers but also the Compkart Brand.

We are confident that this new collaboration will ensure the future to be very bright -#choosethefluo

To arrange a test drive on a Compkart Chassis please contact Gary Rolfe at KKC Kart Components on 01327 844320 or for team enquiries please contact Mark Litchfield on 07850 026321.

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